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  4 years ago by Admin

We've done a small overhaul of the way Statistics are displayed. Previously, the Stats page was "Account Wide", meaning by default you were seeing stats for all of your links. There are now 2 different stats pages, one that is account wide and one that is specific to a single link. To access the account wide statistics page, use the Statistics option in the top menu bar. To access the link statistics page, click the Links option in the top menu bar, then click the blue graph icon in the row you want to see.

In general, if you want to know how a single link is performing use the new Link stats page. If you would like to understand how multiple links are performing, use the classic account wide statistics, which has options for including and excluding specific links.

On the Link page, you will find these buttons at the end of every row, this is what they do. (Previously the icon went to Live View, now it goes to Link Statistics. now goes to Live View

We are actively researching ways to provide new and innovative views into your click data. If you have ideas, please use the Beta Feedback button at the bottom of the page!

New Link Statistics page example

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