Public Beta, Bookmarklets and an API

  4 years ago by Admin

Taveo is now available for everyone! As of this week Taveo Beta is available to any and all who wish to try us out. So tell your friends and colleagues to give us a try.

Some of you may have noticed a new box has appeared on the lower right side of the dashboard here. This is whats known as "bookmarklet", lots of sites use this to add little bits of functionality to the web. Drag the blue text to your web browsers bookmarks bar at the top (or watch this YouTube Video showing to do it). Now simply navigate to the site you want to add to Taveo and click the bookmarklet. It will automatically add a new link and give you the resulting url.

Which leaves us to our next announcement, we have started work on the Taveo REST API. If the API interests you, documentation and further details will begin appearing on the Docs page shortly. We will be adding functionality in increments so if there anything you would like to see, let us know.

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