New Features and improved stats

  4 years ago by Admin

We've been working hard behind the scenes the past couple weeks , updating Taveo and planning new features in anticipation for a public Beta Test soon.

We have started tracking monthly click counts for all users, which you can see on your account page (click your e-mail address in the top right to get there normally). It will look a little weird until the 1st update runs tonight at midnight. We are NOT going to do anything if people go over the limits during beta here (unless you go waaay over and break the server :), let us know before you do that.) The counters "reset" every 31 days.

Some of you may or may not have noticed that we pushed an update that added language tracking to the statistics. When a user requests a website, he sends his preferred language along as well, we are now capturing that value. This will be useful for many different scenarios.

People keep submitting feedback, which we greatly appreciate! Eventually we are going to put everyone's e-mail who submitted feedback into a hat and give the winner a $20 Amazon e-gift card, so keep the feedback coming!

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