Info for users regarding SPAM, Malware, Adware, etc.

  3 years ago by Admin

As a general FYI to Taveo users, we are going to take a pretty heavy stance against links that contain unsavory content (including but not limited to SPAM, phising, adware, malware, etc.). We use multiple "URL reputation" services to verify whether the links you create are of this type.

If the domain of your destination URL is considered bad by Web of Trust or Google Safe Browsing your link will be disabled and you will receive and e-mail indicating what happened. We test the reputation of your destination URL's when you create a link, edit a link and on a periodic basis.

Users who continually attempt to make links of this type will eventually get banned from Taveo (We will give you plenty of warning before this happens). If you have any questions about this policy, please contact support

On a related note, thanks everyone who attempted to post links to malware this week, you really helped us tweak our filtering algorithms :).

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