Beta has begun!

  4 years ago by Admin

Hello everyone, Welcome to the Taveo Beta test. If you are reading this it means I have invited you to try Taveo. Feel free to wander around, click buttons, kick the tires, etc. My goal has been to create a simple, easy to use website that helps people understand what's going on with their links. Whether you have no Idea what HTML is or if your a software developer, you should be able to understand how to use the site.

If you are bit confused about exactly what this site is, what it can do, etc. please take a look at my blog post about Why I created Taveo.

Maybe you understand, but are still skeptical? Well have a look at another blog post I wrote, titled Taveo's Value. Also, you could just try using the site too :).

Before you begin the only request I have is that you take note of the small yellow Bell at the bottom of most screens. Clicking that will bring up a window allowing you to quickly send Feedback. Please use that early and often. Tell me if you love something or you think it sucks. Be honest, I can take it.

-JT (Taveo owner)

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