Announcing Conversion Tracking

  2 years ago by Admin

Conversion Tracking for your Taveo Links is here! To get started have a look at the main Conversion Tracking Page or Read our Conversion Tracking Overview

As Taveo has evolved one of the most asked for features has been conversion tracking. For those unfamiliar, conversion tracking is defined as "what happens after a customer clicks on your Links -- whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter, called your business, downloaded your app, etc..."

This is a very powerful new feature that helps measure your advertising and marketing ROI (return on investment). It tells you where to concentrate your resources and where your efforts just aren't worth it

Conversion tracking is 100% optional. To use it all you have to do is add a few lines of JavaScript to your website, then enable conversion tracking on a new or existing Link. Once you do this, statistics and data about conversions will start to show up in various places on the Admin portal here.

For those interested we also wrote an Advanced Usage and Options guide, which explains the ways you can conversion tracking into your site.

If you have any questions or comments about this awesome new feature, please let us know.

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