Advanced Link Targeting now available

  2 years ago by Admin

We are incredibly excited to announce the availability of rule based link destinations! Links can now have multiple destinations, based on rules you create.

After lots of hard work and a few sleepless nights we have rolled out our biggest feature upgrade yet. Advanced link targeting allows you to create links with a set of rules that describe what destination url to send users to. As an example, you can now do things like send iPhone and Android users to different destinations.

To jump in and get started, head over to the Links page and choose "Advanced" when creating a new link. As of today you can create links using the following rules:

  • Operating System (Windows,Android,iOS,linux,etc)
  • Random (Useful for A/B testing - Test different landing pages, etc.)
  • Geo Location (by specific country)
  • Language (languages the user speaks, english, spanish, russian, etc)
  • Expiring after a set time (Useful for time limited contests, giveaways, etc)

Have an idea for a rule that we haven't created yet? We'd love to hear your idea.

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