Tutorial: Creating your First Link

  2 years ago by Admin

Part 1 - Creating a Link

Let's get started with Taveo by creating a new Link. For this portion of the tutorial we will be using Taveo's short domain to track your clicks. In Part 3, we will show you how to use your own domain.

Step 1, start by choosing a link you would like to track. This can be anything from a blog post, a product on your website, your Facebook Page, a banner advertisement, etc. If you would just like to test our system, we recommend http://www.google.com. Now open the Link management page in a new window. Once you are there, click the Blue button that says "New Link". You should now see something like this on your screen:

Leave the default http:/tav.so selected and click Next. For Step 2, enter destination URL you chose above . For this tutorial I am going to choose "http://www.google.com". Please note, you Must include the http:// (or https://, etc.).

Click Next to continue on. For Step 3, leave the default selection (Permanent) and click Next again.

On Step 4, enter a comment or note about this link. This comment is for your personal reference and will not be shown publicly. Click Next when you are finished adding a comment. Finally in Step 5 click "Submit" to save your new link. Note that the server has not given us our public URL yet, we will get this after the server creates one for us. At this point your screen should look something like this.

The first column in the table, URL has your freshly create tracking link. At this point you may copy and paste this anywhere on the Internet and users will find themselves to your Destination . Right now it looks like you have 0 Total Clicks , lets test out Taveo's link tracking by registering a click. Copy and paste your public url (in the picture above this is http://tav.so/6onpt into a New Tab on your web browser and watch what happens. You should end up at the destination you configured back in step 2! When you refresh Taveo's Links page, your Total Clicks Will now be 1.

Congratulations , you have just created a Link using Taveo

As a next step we recommend - Part 2 - Taveo's Live View

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