Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. when Taveo Links are redirected to their final destination, the original Referer header is preserved and sent to the final destination.
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The short answer is yes, you may use any type of parameter or query string in your destination URLS. For example a destination URLof is perfectly valid.
Additionally you can add parameters to the end of your short link and they will be passed on to the destination, for example ?param=go will be added to the end of your destination URL.

Please note that you CANNOT do both!

If your destination url has a ? in it, Taveo will remove any query string before forwarding to the destination. For example with a destination url to will result in a final destination URL of (the ?param1=go will be dropped)
Your links will continue to operate, but Taveo will not save statistics (including hit counts). Statistics will begin saving automatically when your monthly count resets , which happens every 31 days.
In general, we have designed Taveo to be responsive (ie , it will work on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets). The mobile version of our site is tested less often and may contain some quirks. We recommend accessing the admin interface from a desktop browser.
Yes! you can use ANY domain you would like. Instead of you can have This requires some configuration on your end. A tutorial to set this up can be found here.
Taveo does not tolerate links with destination urls to SPAM, malware, viruses, etc. We have automated tools in place to detect and disable links of this type. If you use Taveo to send viruses or spam, your account will be deactivated and your IP address will be submitted to blacklisting / reputation services.

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