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If you already understand conversion tracking and just want to get started quickly, have a look at our Quick Guide.

This page gives a general overview of Taveo's conversion tracking system.

What is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion tracking is a tool that allows you to see what happens after a user clicks on one of your Links. Conversion tracking helps you effectively measure how your Links and clicks lead to valuable customer activity. A user is considered "converted" after they perform a specific activity on your website, such as a product purchase, newsletter sign-ups, etc. You get to define what a conversion is and what it means to you.

Why do I want to use this?

Imagine the following scenario.
Jill is selling books through her online website, jills-books.com. She decides to advertise using Google AdWords as well as Bing. She also starts Tweeting daily about her books. Considering that all of this takes a lot of time and money, Jill wants to understand how effective these 3 "campaigns" are. In addition to using Taveo Links for these, Jill adds Taveo's conversion tracking script to her "Thank You For Ordering" page.

When a customer orders from Jill, she will be able to determine which Taveo Link lead to that order. She now knows how many of these orders came from Google Adwords, Bing and her Tweets. She can use this information to make future decisions about when and where to market her books.

But I don't sell anything, why do I want Conversion Tracking !?

The goal of conversion tracking is to measure your ROI (return on investment). Conversion Tracking helps you measure how your marketing and other strategies lead to customer actions.

The definition of a "conversion" is whatever you want it to be. For some it might be when a user signs up for a mailing list, for others it might be when a user clicks a specific button on a page.

How do I use Conversion Tracking

Two things are required to use Taveo conversion tracking

  1. A Link with conversion tracking enabled - You can create a new Link with conversion Tracking enabled or edit an existing.
  2. Add the JavaScript below to the page people see when you would consider them "converted"

This javascript will run whenever the webpage it is placed on is loaded. For example, it should be placed on an order confirmation or thank you page.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        (a[e].q=a[e].q||[]).push(arguments)},a[e].l=1*new Date,f=b.createElement(c),
        _ttf("create", "T--1");

Note: You must enable conversion tracking on Links, it is not on by default!

But my conversion isn't based on a page view

Don't worry, we have you covered. You will have to change the _ttf("view"); line above to something else. See the advanced usage and options page.

How does Taveo's Conversion Tracking work?

We use cookies to enable conversion tracking. When a user clicks on a Taveo link, a cookie is stored in the browser. Then later when the javascript above is run, the cookie is sent back to Taveo's servers. This correlates a Link click to the conversion.

Where can I view my conversion results?
Taveo presents your conversion tracking information in multiple places.
  1. If your account has conversion tracking enabled, additional graph and charts will show up on the Statistics page.
  2. Conversion ratios for all Links with tracking enabled are shown on the Conversion page.
  3. Links with conversion tracking enabled will show the total number of conversions on the Links page.

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